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Specialised Vending Service Sold to Private Purchaser in December by Turner Butler.

Sector : Services and Properties Listed on : 26 December 2008

Our client, who requires discretion, had built from a single machine in 1996 a business of 700-sited vending machines. The business was run from a small office with the help of one rounds man.

The business was sold with an immediate strong cash flow and no lean years. The income started as soon as the purchase was completed as the machines are located in 600 pubs and restaurants. There are 700 condom, mint and tampon vending machines. People patronised the vending machines day in and day out through times of recession and depression, as well as times of inflation.

The seller had placed the business with another transfer agent with no success, some purchasers were introduced but they lacked sufficient funds to proceed with the deal.

Our client was very disappointed as he had paid the agent an advance fee but felt the sale process was going nowhere.

The seller then decided to call Turner Butler who successful introduced a number of pre checked purchasers which led to a fast sale with a very content seller and a delighted purchaser.

The vending business continues to grow at the rate of over 10% per year with no end in sight.

As these vending machines are already located, they do most of the work. They are always on the job, displaying and offering the products for sale 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On the average it takes about 10 minutes, to restock products and collect all of the accumulated money for each machine. Vending machines are “silent salesman” They demand no wages and require only re-stocking of fresh supplies on a regular basis.

Though the selling price achieved by Turner Butler was not disclosed, it can be revealed it was over 50% higher than the valuation placed by the first unsuccessful transfer agents.
Successfully sold by the Turner Butler team on a No Sale No Fee Guarantee

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